Add a website

After completing the registration with the verification of your email address, you can now add your first website to your dashboard, remember that the websites are unlimited.

How to add your website

Creating and configuring your website in MicroMetrics is very simple, it only takes a few minutes:

  1. On your dashboard, click New Website.
  2. Now enter the domain of your website, for example:
  3. Choose who can see your website statistics.
  4. Check if you want to receive periodic reports by email.
  5. Copy the tracking code and paste it into the <head> or <body> sections of your website.
  6. Ready! You can now see your report.

How to install the tracking code

To start collecting data from your website, you must install our script in the header of your website code or install the WordPress plugin.

The MicroMetrics report is updated in real time, so the best way to check if our script is installed is to visit your website and see if it logs into the report.

If you think you have our script installed on your website and you don’t see any data or you see incorrect data, here are the most common reasons why it doesn’t work:

  • First, have you added our embed code to your website? If so, have you added it to all pages? Make sure our tracking code is displayed exactly as it is on your website’s settings page.
  • If you are using the WordPress plugin, exclude our script from any plugins caching, minification or javascript combination.
  • If you are using a Single Page Application (SPA) or development framework, you may not be injecting our tracking code correctly.
  • Does your site use content security policies (CSP)? If so, please add our script to the allowed domains.
  • If you use cache, clear it manually and check MicroMetrics again.
  • Are you excluding yourself? If you have excluded your IP in the site settings, you will need to access from a different IP or modify the settings.
  • You may have incorrectly configured the allowed domains in your site settings. Misspelling, missing www., etc.
  • Do you have a browser extension that blocks third-party javascript?

Once you’ve checked all these points, if you still can’t figure out why MicroMetrics isn’t working on your specific site, please contact support.