How to add the MicroMetrics tracking code to Wix

If you have a Wix website, you can paste your MicroMetrics tracking code the same way you would add Google Analytics code or any other JavaScript code.

The inclusion of JavaScript code is a Wix premium feature, so you must upgrade your Wix account to a paid subscription plan.

How to Install MicroMetrics on Wix

  1. Sign in to your Wix website.
  2. Go to Options in your site’s Control Panel.
  3. Click the Custom code tab in the Advanced section.
  4. Click + Add custom code in the top right.
  5. Paste the MicroMetrics tracking code into the text box.
  6. Enter an easy-to-recognize name to identify the code.
  7. In Add code to pages select the option All pages.
  8. Choose where to place your code in Place code in: Header, Body – Start, Body – End
  9. Click Apply.

Once you have completed all the steps you can visit your Wix website and verify in your MicroMetrics account that the statistics are being collected.